Welcome! I am Ron Batten, a third generation, traditional hand engraver. Since 1979 I have worked in Toronto Ontario. My father, Harold K. Batten, was an engraver in New York City, while my grandfather, Harold A. Batten engraved in a studio in Boston. We have never used power assisted tools as that would compromise our work and be uncharacteristic of true hand engraving.

My background is in music and fine arts and my work reflects my passion. If you have an idea, sketch or image I can realize it for you on your fine jewelry, ring, ornament, plate or keepsake. For your custom needs I engrave crests for reading or sealing, coats of arms and distinctive monograms. I hand inscribe inside and outside bands, rings, ornament plain and stone set rings. I engrave presentation boxes, trophies of distinction, awards and heirloom treasures to your specifications. Flatware and holloware can be engraved to match older pieces or inscribed with modern font.

Whatever your corporate or personal needs, I can engrave it for you by hand with precision, mastery and lasting beauty.